Hounds Town USA is an up-and-coming pet-care franchise that was founded by one of the first officers in the New York Police Department’s canine unit, Michael Gould. Gould has a history with training dogs and, at one point, he was actually deployed to Italy for the main purpose of working on their Military Working Dog program.

With more than THREE decades of experience in the dog-training realm, Gould decided to open up a private pet-care business in New York called Hounds Town USA. Today, we have turned this private pet-care business into a highly sought after pet-care franchise opportunity with 21 franchise units award, 7 franchise units currently open, and 2 corporate locations. Moving forward, we will only be growing through franchising so this is a perfect opportunity to get involved!

Pet-care franchise

If you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area then that’s great news as we are actively looking to open about 5 locations near you! If you are located anywhere else in the United States then that is also great news because we’re looking to bring a Hounds Town USA location to your community, as well!

Keep in mind, though – to join the Hounds Town USA family is an incredible honor. Our growth is extremely strategic and we are only interested in bringing in the best of the best. That being said, when you are accepted, you will be joining a pet-care franchise opportunity unlike any other! You will be joining Hounds Town USA!

“Our business model is to take very good care of our franchisees, knowing that we will be in business with them for the next 10 years,” Gould said.

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Interested in information about joining Hounds Town USA? Then we invite you to check out our franchise site where you can find all sorts of information on why you should join Hounds Town USA including information on our financials, on the current state of the pet-care industry, and more!