What’s so great about owning a Hounds Town USA pet care franchise? Not only is our unique pet care franchise opportunity an ideal way to devote your career to your love of dogs, but it’s a great way to balance work with spending quality time with the special dog (or dogs) in your life. Additionally, the Hounds Town USA pet care franchise opportunity gives owners the chance to capitalize on the booming pet industry while giving back to both the 2-legged and 4-legged members of their community. But you don’t have to take our word for it: here is what our franchise owners have to say about what owning a Hounds Town USA franchise means to them. 

In a 2018 Long Island Herald article commemorating her Hounds Town USA pet care franchise location’s 1-year anniversary, Lauren Duffy mentioned the family-oriented nature of the business model, noting that “we’re always available.” It’s true- at Hounds Town USA, we pride ourselves on being there for families and their dogs, whenever they need us. Duffy also mentioned the “personal touch” that makes Hounds Town USA a favorite pet care franchise among devoted pet owners. Word of mouth at local dog parks is one of the biggest driving forces of our business, which says a lot about our stellar reputation for caring for dogs- and their people!

United States Marine Corps veteran and Hounds Town USA Franchise Owner Dave Robbins was first drawn to the pet care franchise’s unique, psychology-based approach to doggie daycare, as he mentioned in a November 2018 article with his local newspaper, the Forsyth County News. Robbins is quoted as saying, “Their philosophy is to have smaller playgroups, pair dogs up that have the same temperament, play styles, things like that. It’s a lot more work that goes into it, but at the end of the day, it gives the dog a more beneficial environment. And they’ve been very successful with it.”

For Teri Brogden, owner of the Commack Road location of Hounds Town USA, owning a pet care franchise comes with the built-in reward of getting to build relationships with a variety of dogs- and their parents- each day. In a video commemorating the doggie daycare franchise’s 1-year anniversary, Brogden said,  “If I could adopt 50 dogs myself, I would, but I can’t! So I get to live vicariously through the business- they become mine during the day when they’re here, and then we send them home at night. That part of it’s a lot of fun. A lot of hard work, don’t get me wrong, but making those relationships and seeing the happy dogs every day is wonderful.”

The relatively low initial investment of the Hounds Town USA pet care franchise opportunity was what first made Franchise Owner Anthony Mitchell take notice. “Some of the other large franchises or other locations had a very high price tag when it came to startup costs, and we didn’t fully understand why. We saw Hounds Town, which seemed a lot more reasonable, especially the brand and the way it looked. So that stuck out to us first of all, and then we dug in deeper and we realized how much more flexible it is and how much support you get for that,” said Mitchell in a video spotlighting his experience with owning a Hounds Town USA pet care franchise.

Anne McDonald, owner of our Garden City, New York location, mentions in her spotlight video that the level of comprehensive ongoing support that all Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners receive was one of the most attractive aspects for her. “Support from the corporate team is phenomenal. And they’re always there for us, always there to answer a question. I can email them, text them, call them- we have weekly calls every week that, by far, are just brilliant!”

At Hounds Town USA, we believe that happy Franchise Owners make all the difference, and we strive to ensure that each location our doggie daycare franchise is run by dedicated, fully-invested owners who believe in our unique, family-focused approach to pet care. We’re on the lookout for Franchise Owners who can bring our one-of-a-kind doggie daycare and boarding franchise concept to more cities across America, and are currently awarding franchise opportunities in select territories. Click here to learn more about our industry-leading franchise concept and recession-proof economics, or complete the form below to receive more in-depth information on opening your own Hounds Town USA franchise.

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