We’re proud to announce that the Hounds Town USA pet daycare franchise, home to the happiest dogs- and Franchise Owners- on Earth, has ranked number 11 on FranchiseHelp’s 2019 Top Franchises list! That’s right- out of nearly 100 applicants, our doggy daycare franchise has what it takes to secure this year’s number 11 spot! 

Top 20 Franchises in 2019

Being in the top 20 of FranchiseHelp’s annual list is no small feat- applicants must meet several stringent criteria to even be considered for a spot on the list. For example, factors such as the size and growth of a franchise, as well as its costs, fees, Item 19 disclosures, and operational and marketing support are all weighed by the decision-makers at FranchiseHelp to determine the rankings for each year’s list. We are delighted to rank in the Top 20, and look forward to securing an even higher spot on the list in years to come!

Dog Daycare Franchise Across America

As a pet daycare franchise, we have grown by leaps and bounds since Mike Gould, Founder and Mayor of Hounds Town USA, first had the idea for our unique business concept back in 2001, when he opened his first doggy daycare facility in Port Jefferson, Long Island. Fast-forward to present day, and it’s safe to say a LOT has changed- the Hounds Town USA pet daycare franchise opportunity was able to successfully get off the ground, and dog franchise owner locations can now be found in territories nationwide. We’re living up to our name by making sure Hounds Town USA truly IS all across America!

Over nearly two decades, Hounds Town USA has hosted over 1 million furry visitors for doggy daycare, boarding, and grooming services, and we’re just getting started- as our pet daycare franchise opportunities continue to be awarded in select territories across the U.S., we are able to further expand our pawprint to include exciting new cities in more states throughout the country. We’re growing bigger every day, and we’re not stopping!

Hounds Town USA Dog Franchise

Here at Hounds Town USA, we believe that our highly unique pet daycare franchise concept is what sets us apart from the competition. We are part of the booming $73 billion pet care industry, yet there aren’t any other doggy daycare franchise opportunities that offer the same special touch that goes into each Hounds Town USA customer interaction. Mike and Jackie both strongly believe that dogs need a safe, supervised environment where they are encouraged to be themselves- we pride ourselves on giving dogs the ability to socialize, sniff, jump, run, and play exactly as their innate pack behavior dictates. We bring the psychology behind dog behaviors to the forefront of every interaction we have with our four-legged customers, and allow them to explore their surroundings and form packs just as nature intended.

That’s not all that sets us apart from the pack- our strict no-discrimination policy allows owners of “bully breeds,” senior dogs, disabled dogs, and other dogs that have been unfairly banned by other pet care franchises to have a safe, inviting, caring space to drop off their fur kids when they can’t be there. We have the unique level of experience to effectively manage groups of dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds, and, unlike our competitors, do not feel the need to discriminate against any dog who comes to Hounds Town USA. As long as a dog passes our temperament evaluation, he or she is welcome. It’s a simple thing, but it’s enough for us to edge out the competition and boost our growth as we bring new Hounds Town USA doggy daycare franchises to new areas of the country.

Best Franchise Opportunity

Best of all, when you invest in a Hounds Town USA franchise opportunity, you’re doing more than buying a pet daycare franchise- you’re becoming part of a family! Mike, Jackie, and the rest of the corporate support team care about each and every Hounds Town USA Franchise Owner, and we go out of our way to ensure their potential for maximum success. We give you the training and tools you need to unlock your full potential as a Hounds Town USA Franchise Owner, and then watch your business take flight! Whether you just had your grand opening or you’ve owned a Hounds Town USA franchise for years, we’re always right there to provide the level of assistance you need with running your doggy daycare franchise. Imagine owning a local business but being backed by the full support of a nationally-recognized brand like Hounds Town USA. When you’re one of our Franchise Owners, you don’t have to imagine- it’s reality!

We’re deeply honored to have the number 11 spot on this year’s FranchiseHelp list of top franchises, and we can’t wait to see where we rank next year! If you want in on the success and growth of the Hounds Town USA pet care franchise, and you want to be part of the growing, $73 billion pet industry, now’s the time! We’re currently evaluating applications and awarding franchise opportunities to dog lovers in select U.S. territories. Visit our dedicated Hounds Town USA franchise website to learn more about our franchise concept, unique and effective business model, and outstanding economics, or complete the form below to get started on your pre-qualification process today.

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