We know you love Hounds Town USA, but have you seen our pet franchise’s new video on Facebook yet? If not, check it out below. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

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If you can’t watch right now, don’t worry- we’ve got the transcript right here!


(Woman in work attire looks devastated as she walks out the front door of her home, leaving adorable, sad-looking St. Bernard behind.)

HT Staff Member: Do you feel guilty you have to leave your better half at home all day by themselves? Well…all that stops here! WELCOME TO HOUNDS TOWN!

For less than the price of a coffee run (well, almost!), you can send your pup to the home of the happiest dogs on Earth! Hounds Town USA is a fully interactive doggy day care, grooming, and boarding facility that offers each dog the chance to be a dog. They can HUMP, DUMP, and JUMP, and live their best lives!

Our team of highly trained pooper scoopers will place your furry friend in a specific pack, based on his or her size, temperament, energy level, and personality.

PLUS- we do NOT breed-discriminate- how rude would THAT be?? All dogs are welcome as long as they pass our evaluation.

Now I know that you love getting nickel-and-dimed at all those other “froofy” places, but here at Hounds Town, there’s no fluff. (Cut to handfuls of fluff from dog grooming being tossed in the air.) …Well, technically, there is. But our all-inclusive pricing won’t leave your pockets high and dry.

No other place has the kind of experience we have. Meet our mayor, Mike!

Mike Gould: Hi! I’m Mike Gould, mayor at Hounds Town USA, home to the happiest dogs on Earth! We do fully-interactive, day care, grooming, boarding, you name it. 

(sped up video of Mike’s many achievements in the military and the police force)

By the way, did I mention that I was one of the founding members of the NYPD K-9 unit?

HT Staff Member: No, but thank you, Mike! Mike has over 40-plus years of training experience, so we know a thing or two about dogs.

HT Staff Member: Hey! I also spent 22 years in the military- (gets cut off by our Staff Member)

HT Staff Member: So, pick a location online, schedule your evaluation, and start giving your dog the life they deserve at Hounds Town- home to the happiest dogs on Earth!

…Oh, I almost forgot- Click or call today and your first day is on us!


Wasn’t that fun? Here at the Hounds Town USA pet care franchise, we believe in creating an environment that’s just as much fun for our Franchise Owners and staff as it is for the dogs! There’s nothing better than loving what you do, each and every day, and we strive to make our pet franchise the BEST in the dog day care, grooming, and boarding business by making sure our humans are happy, just like the pups we get to interact with all day long. There’s nothing quite like being around wagging tails, wet noses, and bellies just begging to be rubbed every day – it brings out the best in us!

The Hounds Town USA pet care franchise opportunity is much more than a gateway into the booming, recession-resilient pet care industry- it’s a chance to partner with a thriving, successful business backed by a full support team you can rely on for guidance, advice, and assistance with day-to-day questions our Franchise Owners may have. Our marketing team produces videos like the one you just watched, along with other content our Franchise Owners can use to help promote their Hounds Town USA location and create interest within their local market. Unlike independently-owned pet care services across the country, a Franchise Owner at Hounds Town USA has the resources to build a strong presence and attract attention that drives their business. Talk about a “leg up” on the competition!

If you feel you possess an entrepreneurial spirit, are a hard worker, and above all, a dog lover, the Hounds Town USA pet franchise opportunity may be for you! We are in the process of awarding franchises in multiple territories across the U.S., and are seeking people who want to make a career out of giving dogs a great experience in a fully-interactive doggy day care, grooming, and boarding facility. We call ourselves “home to the happiest dogs on Earth,” and we mean it! Click here to visit our pet care franchise website and find out more about us today.

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