Join us in welcoming new Franchise Owner, Jamie Enders to the Hounds Town USA Family! Having worked in the casino industry for the past five years, it is only fitting for Jamie to open a doggie daycare franchise with us in Las Vegas! We’re excited to have him on board!

Jamie isn’t your typical entrepreneur. While he has dabbled in several different careers, he has had trouble finding a profession that can give him the work/life balance and flexibility that he has always wanted. Jamie started his career working for grocery store giant Publix in Georgia and Southeast Florida. After working there for many years, he and his wife decided to make the move to Las Vegas, where he worked at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino, part of MGM Properties. He worked there for five years but ultimately decided that he needed a change from the cigarette smoke and crowds of the casinos. Although he had the option to retire, Jamie wanted to find a business venture that he could really enjoy. Truly passionate about animals, he decided to look into animal franchises. While there weren’t many differences in the franchises he found, Hounds Town USA seemed to be an outlier. “What drew me to Hounds Town USA was the price point. It was definitely less expensive than other franchises,” explains Jamie. “Instead of investing in stocks or other properties, I’m making an active investment in myself!” We couldn’t agree more!

Like many of his fellow dog kennel Franchise Owners at Hounds Town USA, Jamie valued being able to meet the Founders and to have his voice heard at a Hounds Town USA Discovery Day. Having always worked for several large companies, he liked that Hounds Town wasn’t part of a rigid, corporate setting and that each owner was given the freedom to customize their location. In his own words, “Because of the background I came from, working with markets, I was used to something very corporate-driven. With Mike and Jackie, you could just talk to them. It wasn’t a business or corporate surrounding where you were afraid to say something. You could just be yourself.” Jamie is certainly right. When you open a doggie daycare with Hounds Town USA, you aren’t going to be simply sitting in a cubicle every day. You’ll be on the front lines with the dogs on a daily basis, all while earning more than ever!

The simplicity of the Hounds Town USA business model also played a large role in Jamie’s decision. There aren’t many steps in setting up his franchise and the support team always has his back to tackle larger tasks like marketing and staff training. Furthermore, once his franchise is up and running, he has the freedom to create his own schedule, giving him the work/life balance he had always craved. “There weren’t 5 billion different steps to create the process. Just vet your dogs, vet your customers, properly place them, and let them be dogs,” says Jamie. He is also excited that the business model allows his wife, Jessica, to partner with him in running the business. A registered dietician, Jessica has always been involved in community service and community-oriented events. She is excited to get in touch with the pet-owner community at their new Hounds Town USA location!

When Jamie and Jessica aren’t working, they love spending time with their two mixed-breed dogs (Charlie Brown and Sally) and their indoor/outdoor cat (Ace), whom they say knows their neighborhood better than they do. Since Jamie owns both dogs and cats, he sees the value in offering boarding options for both and plans on opening a Purrington Villas section of his Las Vegas Hounds Town USA location. A cat-specific segment of our dog kennel franchise, Purrington Villas allows families with both dogs and cats to board them in the same place. With opportunities for increased revenue and a larger customer base, Purrington Villas is yet another differentiator that sets Hounds Town USA apart from its competition! 

As we prepare to enter 2020, Jamie’s franchise will represent our 12th location, with several more in the works for the coming year. Like many of his fellow franchise owners, owning a dog kennel franchise with Hounds Town USA marks a turning point in his career. A transition to a flexible lifestyle where Jamie can be his own boss. A transition to a career that he truly enjoys. We’re grateful to have Jamie as part of our team and can’t wait to see what the future brings!

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