Continued Training for Franchisees Part of Growing Pet Care Franchise’s Success

Hounds Town USA-a growing pet care franchise with 9 locations and counting-has launched a seminar series for franchisees. The ongoing training and education series will include several important topics such as Kennel Safety and Management, Dog Grouping, Animal CPR and First Aid, Customer Service, and Innovative Marketing. “The series will provide franchisees with quarterly continued training that their staff is also invited to attend,” explains Founder and CEO Mike Gould. “Ongoing training, especially in the field of animal care, is critical. We always want our franchisees and their staff to be fully prepared to address all aspects of their business, especially as we at corporate continue to improve upon and evolve our business model,” he says.

The series kicked off on Sunday March 4th, with Kennel Safety and Management Level I, which was attended by nearly all the franchisees and their core staff at Hounds Town headquarters in New York. Attendants received certification from Hounds Town University, the educational entity of Hounds Town USA which is also used for the franchise’s dog training business. “We created this series because animal care is fluid, and it takes skill to provide dogs with the fully interactive environment we provide at Hounds Town safely and effectively,” says Gould.

With more than 40 years of commercial dog training experience, Gould created the dog management seminars around his deep knowledge of animals and their behavior, a key component that separates Hounds Town from other pet care franchises. Gould is a former NYPD and Nassau County canine handler as well as a certified police canine instructor. “It’s easy to start a doggie daycare business, we see a lot of them popping up now, but what they lack is the fundamental understanding of animals that we have here at Hounds Town. It’s absolutely critical to the success of our business and that of our franchisees,” he says.

Committed to the success of franchisees’ businesses is what drove the Founder to begin the series, which will expand into other areas of business management including marketing and customer service. “How we do what we do when it comes to dog management is the key to our success,” says Gould. “It’s our secret sauce.”

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