Dog daycare franchise Hounds Town USA has been ranked #11 overall for the 2019 Franchise Awards! More than 100 top franchisors were rated by FranchiseHelp and only the most promising made the top 20 list of overall performers. Here are just a few of the reasons Hounds Town is a top choice for anyone looking to own a profitable and trending dog boarding franchise.


Buying into a franchise can easily be a multi-million-dollar investment. The Hounds Town franchise model however is a simple one. Total investment hovers between $300,000 and $400.000. Plus Hounds Town USA has a year-over-year average sales increase of 35%. With the easy-to-manage business model, franchise owners have the potential to make their investment money back quickly and start earning profits.


Hounds Town USA has been around for fifteen years and has experienced steady growth since it began. Originally a booming New York-based business, the franchise is experiencing widespread demand all over the country. Now with over 22 operations in 7 states, they are only “just beginning” according to President Jackie Bondanza. Pet care businesses have historically weathered all types of financial climates including recessions and other economic slowdowns. “Dogs and cats are part of the family,” says Bondanza, “And that doesn’t stop, even during tough times.” Plus with more and more families working longer days and full-time jobs, dog day cares are becoming essential for a dog’s health and well-being. “Hounds Town has made it possible for working families to have dogs too,” says founder Michael Gould.


You don’t need to be a dog expert to run a Hounds Town franchise. Founder and CEO Michael Gould spent the first thirty years of his career as the canine handler for the NYPD and Nassau County Police units. He knows exactly how to train and manage dogs, and it is this knowledge and support that is the foundation of Hounds Town USA. Each and every franchisee learns to manage, train, and understand the “dog brain” from Gould. It’s why Hounds Town is called the “happiest place in the world” for dogs. The natural “pack” environment Gould created allows dogs to socialize, exercise, and thrive during the day. And Gould empowers franchisee owners with his experience and knowledge, providing support to them every step of the way.

FranchiseHelp is the largest independent information resource in the world that helps individuals who want to invest in a franchise. This is the first year FranchiseHelp has ranked the top 20 franchise opportunities, and owner Mike Gould is thrilled that Hounds Town is one of the top picks, “Hounds Town is the best franchise to be a part of because the model is simple, the investment is low, and the dogs make it all worth it!”