Hot diggety dog, Hounds Town – South Jersey is celebrating one furtastic year! The popular dog day care franchise is Hounds Town’s second corporate location. To celebrate their one-year anniversary, here are four fun facts you might not know about Hounds Town – South Jersey:

1. The store was opened as an experiment.

Hounds Town – South Jersey is considerably smaller than other Hounds Town locations, operating in a 4,000 square foot space. It was also strategically placed in a less populated area to see how the franchise would fare. If it could thrive in a community with fewer people (and dogs), it could do well anywhere.

The good news is that the location has not only met but exceeded expectations for revenue and growth in its first twelve months of operation. Go Jersey!

2. The business is run completely absentee.

Five incredible staff members handle the day-to-day operations, but President Jackie Bondanza says, “With technology now, this business is manageable for franchise owners from afar if the franchisee has the right skill set.” Does that mean you can run a Hounds Town dog day care franchise from a beach in Hawaii? Yes, yes it does.

3. The birth of the 90-day rule.

Hounds Town also tests different marketing strategies in South Jersey as well, including geo-fencing, device ID targeting, programmatic advertising, and social media marketing.

Hounds Town – South Jersey helped the franchise realize that the key to a successful store opening happens before the big day. Branding and marketing now start 90 days before the opening date.

4. A franchising opportunity for everyone (no, really!)

Some franchises are looking for a specific “type” to own and run the business, but Hounds Town USA has a business model that works for all different types of franchisees. So whether you like to be on site working a standard forty-hour week or you want to run your business from Maui, you can! President Jackie Bondanza adds, “The South Jersey Shore location helped us realize that if the business model works—and it does—then there are no limits to finding success in the Hounds Town franchise.”

For more information on franchising opportunities, please see Hounds Town USA.  And happy birthday to Hounds Town – South Jersey, located at 203 E. White Horse Pike, Galloway, NJ 08205. You can follow all their playful pups on Instagram and Facebook!