Here at Hounds Town USA, we do things a little bit differently: we put dogs first, and people second. The former head of the NYPD canine unit, and Founder/CEO of Hounds Town USA, Mike Gould, has been able to successfully build our doggy daycare franchise by following this simple rule.

This is combined with the fact that Hounds Town USA is one of the only doggy daycares that not only accepts “bully breed” dogs but allows these majestic creatures to follow their built-in pack mentality and thrive! “The brain of a pit bull is no different than the brain of a poodle; we focus more on temperament than exterior or physicality,” says President of Hounds Town, Jackie Bondanza. This also is a way to create an increase in revenue considering roughly 20% of dogs in the US are considered “bully breeds.”

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