As a doggie daycare franchise, Hounds Town USA is, of course, a vocal proponent of boarding furry family members overnight in a reputable, professional pet care facility when you go out of town.

However, not all doggie daycare and overnight boarding centers are the same, and your experience with these places is entirely dependent upon the quality of the facility, as well as the friendliness and competence of the staff.

Doggy Daycare and Boarding

A positive experience with overnight dog boarding at a doggie daycare center also depends on the level of care, exercise, and fun your dog receives while he or she is there.

Hounds Town USA strives to uphold these key ingredients to a successful dog boarding experience, so that our customers can rest assured that their four-legged friends are happy and healthy for the duration of their stay.

In the past, overnight boarding facilities, or “kennels,” were large, somewhat depressing buildings reminiscent of an animal shelter, where pets whiled away the hours in crates, waiting for their people to come back.

With imagery like this, it’s no wonder that private pet-sitting services gained popularity for a couple of decades, and more people began entrusting either professional pet sitters or family members, close friends, or neighbors with their dogs’ well-being.

However, thanks to doggie daycare centers like Hounds Town USA, the concept of the overnight boarding facility has been completely reinvented!

Cage-Free Dog Boarding

The modern boarding center now includes doggie daycare services, which allow dogs to run, jump, play, and socialize in a supervised, interactive environment. This blogger from likens the new face of overnight boarding facilities to “resorts for your animals!” 

In fact, overnight boarding centers like Hounds Town USA can be more fun for dogs than being at home with a pet-sitter, since they have the opportunity to engage in instinctive pack behaviors with their peers, all in an atmosphere that provides them with hours of exercise and entertainment.

The PetCentral blog at specifically mentions overnight boarding facilities that include doggie daycare services, like Hounds Town USA, as a terrific way for pets to receive the exercise and socialization they crave.

Needless to say, this new upswing in popularity with overnight dog boarding at Hounds Town USA and other pet care franchises has created an increase in demand across the United States, meaning that there’s never been a better time to own a doggie daycare franchise that also offers boarding!

Professional Pet Sitting Services

This is not to say that pet-sitting services, either through a professional or with a trusted friend or relative, don’t still have their place. A number of dog owners enjoy the ease and convenience of finding a professional sitter, or a friend or relative, who is willing to stay overnight at their house while they are away, so their pets can have an uninterrupted, normal schedule in familiar surroundings.

As this blogger from notes, it can be very stressful for dogs to have to adjust to a new environment, even for just a few days, and a home-based pet sitter can help make it easier for dogs to be away from their people.

However, not all pet-sitters will come to their customers’ houses to watch their dogs full-time. Some sitters will stop by 3-4 times per day to walk and feed the dogs, but will not remain in the house for longer than necessary, meaning that the dogs will find themselves alone for much of the day.

This can wreak havoc on dogs, especially puppies or senior dogs, who may need more potty breaks and human interaction, as this article from The Honest Kitchen mentioned.

If this is the case, a pet sitter or friend who only comes over for short periods of time several times a day may not cut it, and you may come home to potty accidents, destroyed furniture, and other indicators of separation anxiety or stress!

A number of pet sitters operate their business out of their own homes, meaning that dogs will still find themselves in an unfamiliar setting, which can cause anxious or aggressive behavior in some pets.

People who run private pet-sitting businesses out of their homes still may not be able to supervise their canine clients 24/7, and may need to leave them home alone for short periods of time.

Unlike doggie daycare franchises, who continuously monitor their overnight dog boarding facility and provide supervision at all times, a pet staying at a private sitter’s home may not receive the same level of attention.

Trusted Dog Daycare and Boarding Facilities

Additionally, it can be hard to regulate privately-owned pet-sitting services, and not every pet-sitter out there may have the appropriate amount of space to comfortably accommodate dogs and provide them with proper care.

Sadly, numerous pet owners have experienced incidents with private pet sitters involving negligent behavior, mistreatment, or unsuitable conditions. While the number of trustworthy pet sitters far outweigh the less-reputable services, it can be nerve-racking for dog owners to hand off their beloved pets to someone whom they may not know well, uncertain how their pup will be living for the next few days.

For this reason, more and more dog owners are discovering the new face of overnight boarding at well-staffed, impeccably run doggie daycare franchises like Hounds Town USA!

Affordable Dog Boarding & Daycare

For many dog parents seeking pet-sitting services before heading out of town, one of the biggest surprises may be the sticker shock!

Since pet care is a booming industry in extremely high demand, professional pet-sitters can charge astronomical fees for their private, in-home services. Doggie daycare franchises like Hounds Town USA are able to offer competitive pricing on overnight boarding services that can make their customers’ total cost significantly less than what they would have paid a sitter.

Our Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners enjoy operating the most affordable doggie daycare franchise in town, knowing they’re gaining a distinct edge over competing pet care franchises and private pet sitters in the area with value pricing on an invaluable service. 

Hounds Town Overnight Dog Boarding & Doggie Daycare Services

Because finding a reputable and trustworthy professional pet sitter can sometimes be easier said than done, many dog owners are looking into overnight boarding services at doggie daycare franchises like Hounds Town USA- and are finding themselves pleasantly surprised by what they see!

Thanks to the recent trend toward engaging, fun pet care facilities staffed by caring, experienced professionals, it’s becoming more and more commonplace for families to board their dogs than to seek assistance from pet-sitters.

After all, what could be more fun for your dog than to spend the duration of your trip at a place created for dogs, by dog lovers, and founded by a canine expert with over 35 years of experience working with dogs?

It’s true that overnight dog boarding services are making a big comeback, now that the depressing kennels of yore are a thing of the past, and Hounds Town USA is proud to be at the forefront of a new era in pet care!

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