Premier pet care franchise Hounds Town USA was featured in Orlando Business Journal for their doggie day care business coming soon to central Florida. Three Hounds Town locations will open in Orlando, the first scheduled to open within the next six to nine months. And that’s just the beginning. The New York-based franchise already has 23 franchisees in 7 different states, and it plans to expand to 30 locations by 2023.

What Does It Take to Open a Hounds Town?

Most locations cost around $300,000 to open and require a commercial space in the range of 4,000 to 8,000 square feet. A standard franchisee hires around five to seven employees to start. This is a significantly lower investment than other franchising opportunities.

Why this Dog Day Care Stands Out from the Crowd.

Founder Michael Gould spent the last forty years of his career working with the canines in the Nassau County and New York City police departments. He knows a thing or two about dogs, “Since we started Hounds Town, we have taken care of 1.5 million dogs. We have a deep understanding of the dog brain, and we address the needs of the dog.”

Why Everyone Benefits from the Hounds Town Model.

Gould believes that doggie day care is a great physical and psychological outlet for pups. “Dogs are looking to do things they can’t do in the house like run, jump, and play.” Owners benefit because pups are stimulated by all the exercise and socialization. Plus Hounds Town doesn’t up charge for services like some of their competitors. You get one price on your bill and no secret fees.

To read the full article, check out Orlando Business Journal. Find a Hounds Town location near you or check out Hounds Town USA for franchising opportunities.