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All paws on deck! Hounds Town founder Michael Gould and President Jackie Bondanza issued the doggie day care franchise’s 2019 “State of the Town” Address on February 28. It might be the Year of the Pig in the Chinese Zodiac, but at Hounds Town, it’s always the Year of the Dog! Here’s a quick recap for all the furry franchisees:

Recap of 2018…Double-Digit Growth!

Hounds Town closed out a hugely successful 2018 with seven new franchisees in the system, doubling the number of locations and boasting a presence in five states (New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Georgia, and Pennsylvania). They also opened a corporate location in New Jersey in July 2018.

Action Plan for 2019…Grow Smart!

Steady growth is essential for any business, but as founder Michael Gould phrases it, Hounds Town plans to grow in a “smart” way. In fact, he admits that they turn away more franchisee interests than they sign on! The plan is to open eight to twelve strategic new locations using the same successful criteria Hounds Town has used to make their operation a success for nearly 20 years!

Why the Hounds Town Model Works 

The pet industry is slated to become a whopping one hundred-billion-dollar-a-year industry by 2020, and Hounds Town is a fully-interactive pet care business that is both technology-proof and recession-resilient, positioning it for continued successWhat does that mean? Well, it means that the internet can’t take care of your dog while you work all day! Hounds Town provides all-day play for dogs and care at a reasonable cost for adoring pet owners. It’s also a business that has survived recessions, because even during tough times, people still want–and need–to take care of their canine companions.

A Dog Day Care that Challenges Franchise Competitors

Hounds Town does not exploit its pets or its franchisees! A simple and effective business model means its build-out costs are low, so your ROI is high. Unlike other franchises, you don’t need a million dollars or even a half a million dollars to start your own business at Hounds Town. You don’t even need to be a dog expert. Founder Michael Gould is a canine expert that spent nearly forty years training dogs, and all franchisees are thoroughly trained using the same methods employed by elite canine units of New York City and Nassau County where Gould had a flourishing canine career. 

What Makes Hounds Town Different than other Doggie Day Cares? Core Brand Values!

1. The Customer Is Always Right. And the customers are the dogs of course! Hounds Town believes in letting dogs be dogs.

2. No up charging and No BS. We don’t charge extra for upgraded care or special treatment. Dogs deserve better than that. Hounds Town costs are completely transparent, so you don’t have to hire an accountant to figure out your bill!

3. No Separate Playtime. Dogs need to interact with other dogs. It’s part of their genetic make-up. Hounds Town groups their dogs by size and temperament, so they can play and socialize with similar dog pals. They will not be locked in a cage all day and allowed out only for an occasional walk or play time. What’s the fun in that?

4. Expert Dog Training and Management at Every Facility. No other dog boarding facility or doggie day care has the experience that former NYC Police canine expert Michael Gould brings to the business; each and every franchise owner is trained with Gould’s expert knowledge and training for all dog breeds.

5. No Discrimination. Hounds Town does not discriminate against dog breeds, dogs with disabilities, or senior dogs. Pups are grouped by size, personality, and temperament to ensure happy playing all day long.

For more information on Hounds Town, visit www.houndstownusa.com.