Doggy Daycare Franchise Hounds Town – Port Jefferson Leads the Pack as the Pet Care Franchise Sees Tremendous Growth

Back in 2006 when Hounds Town – Port Jefferson owner Marianne Carrano Deszcz first began working at pet care franchise Hounds Town USA as the Business Manager, she never expected she would eventually come to own a location. After 6 years of helping to run the two locations that existed at the time, Marianne took the plunge and purchased Hounds Town – Port Jefferson in 2012. “I felt confident enough to take on a location by myself. It was a huge step for me but one I’m still so grateful I did!” says Marianne.

Five years later, the business is thriving. Since 2012, revenue has grown by nearly 40%. Year over year, the business continues to grow and expand. “I helped create Hounds Town, so I knew it was an excellent franchise to continue to be a part of,” explains Marianne. Her passion for the business has made Hounds Town – Port Jefferson the premier go-to doggy daycare on the eastern North Shore. Since becoming the first franchised unit in 2012, Hounds Town – Port Jefferson is now one of four–and soon to be seven–locations across Long Island.

What make all of Hounds Town USA’s locations different than any other pet care franchise in the area are their fully interactive services, affordable prices, and straightforward and honest approach to pet care. Most importantly, the pet care franchise does not breed discriminate. Many franchise owners like Marianne have a background in hands-on animal behavior, in addition to certifications and professional training, that allow them to truly understand dogs. “My background in animal behavior goes a long way in evaluating and properly grouping the dogs. While of course no one can predict every move an animal makes, it certainly helps to have a comprehensive background in animal behavior,” says Marianne.

Owning a pet care business has its challenges, of course. “The most rewarding part of my job as a business owner is having happy canine and human customers,” says Marianne. “And the most challenging is not being able to control everything. Owning a business is a daily lesson for me that that simply isn’t possible.”

Beyond running the day-to-day of their businesses, most Hounds Town USA franchisees are also active in their local communities, which not only provides the opportunity to network but also to give back: an important element in the Hounds Town USA philosophy. “I sit on the Women’s Board for the Town of Brookhaven. It is a group of women leaders in the town who coordinate programs for the women in our area. We have conferences, seminars and a Dress for Success boutique, that all benefit the women in our community,” explains Marianne.

In five years, Marianne sees her business as continuing to grow and expand. As the pet care industry explodes, the demand for reliable and, most importantly, knowledge-based pet care by professionals who know what they are doing, has never been higher. With three new locations opening in the Nassau County area this year, Hounds Town USA is poised to double their locations in just two years. The pet care franchise also has plans to expand to the tri-state area in the near future.

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