Though it only began franchising in 2012, popular dog day care franchise Hounds Town USA has seen massive growth in the past two years. Profiled on the cover of Long Island Business News this week, Hounds Town boasts seven locations in New York and New Jersey (with 10 more coming soon). The doggie day care franchise has already seen more than a million dogs pass through its facilities. Dog owners–many of whom work long hours–couldn’t be happier. “We make pet ownership possible for them,” says Hounds Town owner and founder, Michael Gould.

So how much does it take to run a booming business like Hounds Town? The all-in cost ranges from only $250,000-$300,000, and average locations employ between five and 10 people. Plus with canine ownership on the rise, Hounds Town has certainly found their niche…all while managing to avoid the crushing online competition suffered by traditional pet retailers.

Hounds Town offers traditional dog services like boarding and grooming, but it is their doggie day care which brings so many working pup parents through the door. “I think that many people are willing to spend a lot of money on their dogs,” Hounds Town Garden City franchise owner said, “They’re family.”

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