Hounds Town USA - Doggie Day Care - Humanizing Pets

Pampered and pawfect! Photo credit: Ruby Shmank

The Chewy Phenomenon

The popular website Chewy Inc. went public in early June, shattering expectations in the industry. The company grew from a $26 million dollar operation in 2012 to a $3.5 billion enterprise in 2018. They also sold an estimated 46.5 million shares in the company’s initial offer to the public, according to Reuter’s. Chewy isn’t alone. Pet care franchise Hounds Town USA is also experiencing unprecedented industry growth in 2019. The growing doggie day care has doubled its franchisees in the past year, expanding into Florida, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and more.

The “Humanization” of Our Pets

The pet industry market is a whopping $70 billion dollar industry, and that number has been growing year-on-year. Both Chewy Inc. and CNBC “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer have attributed this to a shift in how people treat their pets. Dogs and cats are considered members of the family, and this “humanizing” means people are spending more on them. From healthcare and medication to toys and food, pet parents are looking closely at what makes their dogs healthy and happy. Cramer looked at some of the pet care stock offerings he recommended in 2018 (his “Humanization of Pets ETF”) and wasn’t at all shocked by the “spectacular numbers.” As he phrased it, “humanization of pets is red hot now.”

How Does Doggie Day Care Fit Into this Growing Movement?

Doggie day care is for all those pup parents who do believe in treating pets like family. After all, leaving a dog at home all day just makes for an unhappy and unsocialized animal. The popular dog boarding franchise meets all the criteria for a winner in the franchising sector:

  • Dog day care is a relatively new and growing concept, but appeals directly to the same “red hot” market of people who treat dogs and cats like family.
  • More families have dual income households than ever before, and interactive doggie day care keeps their dogs happy, physically fit, and social while they’re working.
  • Franchisees at Hounds Town have a significantly lower initial investment than most franchises, making small business ownership a viable possibility for dog lovers.
  • The pet care industry is one of the few industries known to survive even the most difficult economic times, like recessions.
  • Canine expert Mike Gould trains every franchisee with the methods he used working with the NYPD dogs.

For more information on Hounds Town USA or to become a part of the popular franchise, contact Jackie or Mike at Hounds Town USA today.